Hammer finish

The grace of these pieces lies largely in their unobtrusiveness and lucidity. Chokers, rings, bracelets and earrings can be worn by themselves or combined in many versions. Next to the creation of various charming patterns, the hammer also provides the metal with the requisite tension that makes these designs possible.

sw-arts - Choker Hammerfinish vertical
sw-arts - Ring Hammerfinish vertical
sw-arts - Bracelet cross peen
sw-arts - Bracelet vertical peen
sw-arts - Chocker cross peen
sw-arts - Ring cross peen
sw-arts - Bracelet horizontal peen
sw-arts - Choker horizontal peen
sw-arts - Ring horizontal peen 8mm
sw-arts - Bracelet ball peen
sw-arts - Choker ball peen 10mm
sw-arts - Earrings ball peen small
sw-arts - Ring ball peen
sw-arts - Earrings ball peen medium
sw-arts - Earrings ball peen big